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Coffee with a Psychologist in Singapore and a New Office

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Its time to check in with you and let you all in on a bit of what I have been doing this week . I’m having a great time here in Singapore and relaxing a bit before I start teaching class on Wednesday. I am sure looking forward to that. And, besides the pleasure of teaching the class I also get to make a room full of new friends.

I just wanted to tell the readers about a very pleasant interaction I had today with a very well known, at least in the hypnosis community of Singapore, psychologist. The kind Dr. had coffee with me, my wife Maureen and Linda Damara who represents us here in Singapore (who is also my sister-in-law). The hospitality here in Singapore is fantastic, and this Dr. was a perfect example of that kind of hospitality which resulted in a very pleasant and we had a very respectful visit. The good Dr. has purchased a number of my training materials in the past which we discussed. He especially told me that he especially liked the Instant and Rapid Inductions Video Program. He was also kind enough to share with me how he was using hypnosis in his practice, mostly with pain and some other medical issues associated with cancer.

I wish I could mention his name but I did not ask him if I could do so, and I fear that it might besmirch his reputation if it were found out that he was fraternizing with an unlicensed hypnotist such as myself. 🙂 Singapore, although it has millions of citizens is still a bit of a small town and juicy stories travel quickly.

I love Singapore, and I look forward to making many more wonderful friends here as well as perhaps doing so in other parts of this wonderful Asia Pacific area.

Oh, one last thing, check out our newest new article in our Hypnosis News section on our web site. It is you will read about our new office and representation in Singapore. Congratulations go out to Dr. Vivian Smith and Linda Damara.

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