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Cal, Do All of Your Clients Go Into Somnambulism?

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In a recent email a hypnotherapist who had purchased my 5-PATH® Distance Learning Course asked me about something that I said in that video, “We never let our clients fail.” And, then went on to say, “You also insist that we need somnambulism to do true age regression work. I find that only about 9 our of 10 of my clients are reaching that level of hypnosis. Do you always get your clients to that level of hypnosis? If so, please let me know what I am missing. I am working with a client for a social fear and have spent three sessions with him but have not been able to move on to age regression because he does not pass the tests for somnambulism. Your input would be appreciated”

In answer to your questions; first let me clear up the statement, “We never let our clients fail.” What I am talking about there is our need to help the client feel confident in you, hypnosis and him or herself. This is why 5-PATH® trained hypnotherapists realize that they need to avoid tests in which, if the client fails, he or she will be aware of the failure. Awareness of the failure would decrease your client’s confidence. This why we use covert testing in order to find out what level of hypnosis is obtained. This is also why we avoid using suggestibility tests, because if we do then we are using overt testing strategy in which the client will be aware of failure if he or she does not pass a certain test. Failing a suggestibility test also reduces your client’s confidence in his or her ability to use hypnosis. That would certainly be called getting off to a very bad start! So learn and use covert tests such as the ones that I spoke of in class.

Now on to your question about increasing your ability to guide your clients reliably into the deep state of hypnosis called somnambulism. I believe that my odds are better than 90% but not much better, maybe 95 to 97%. Remember that hypnotherapy is always a dance, with you in the lead and your client following. If your client does not follow your lead then you will not have a dance but rather a wrestling match! When wresting match occurs you will not get somnambulism and perhaps no hypnosis at all. If you find yourself in such a wresting match, then you need to find out what is missing for that individual. You need to ascertain from your client what he or she needs to hear from you in order for him or her to fearlessly follow your instructions instantly as you give them.

It is my experience that everyone of normal intelligence who is not mentally ill can go into hypnosis and benefit from hypnotherapy, so long as he or she really wants to make the changes that you are working on with him or her, and if she is completely free from fears and misconceptions about hypnosis. Can you arrange this 100% of the time? No, but you can come close.

So remember, If your client has not been completely cleared of all fears and misconceptions regarding hypnosis and hypnotherapy then your pre-talk is not done, not matter what you have done before hand. After all, the goal of a good hypnosis pre-talk is to remove all of those fears so that the hypnotic induction and deepening technique that you choose will work reliably.

I hope that helps you out,
Cal Banyan

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