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Two Wonderful Things

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I am rather new to this profession having only begun working full time in field since July 1996, a very small amount of time compared to some of the great names in our profession. Before that, about 9 years ago, I was psychotherapist, using a purely psychological model to help my clients. Two wonderful things have occurred since leaving the work of a psychotherapist, and switching to hypnotherapy. I would like to briefly share them with you now. Perhaps I will convert one or two psychotherapists and I write.

The first wonderful thing is that I am getting a whole lot more done and the process of helping clients to become successful is much less frustrating. In “the olden days” when I spent hour after hour, week after week talking with my clients the process was slow, even painfully slow and often tiresome or even frustrating. That has all changed so profoundly. As a talk therapist I was taught to spend the first 2 to 4 sessions, or even 6 sessions doing an intake, setting goals and building rapport with my clients. Now as a hypnotherapist I am usually done with my work in 4 to 6 sessions. Now I feel a sense of accomplishment in every session. It was the best professional decision I have ever made.

The second wonderful thing that has happened is the incredible personal growth that has occurred in me. I have found this process of hypnotherapy to be an incredible journey for both my clients and myself. As I guide them through the 5-PATH® Hypnotherapy process I get to see how the mind really works, how it is motivated by subconscious and unconscious expectation of pleasure and pain, along with long held, repressed emotions of the past, mostly painful sensations that were generated from perceptions made so long ago. Working with my clients they have taught me. I learned what I call The Secret Language of Feelings (discussed in my book by the same name). This knowledge has provided me with so much insight into myself and the human condition that I can only look back with a sense of profound gratitude.

On another topic, please check back because I am about to broaden the team of writers. I will soon be introducing you to some experienced hypnotherapists who will be regular bloggers. I look forward to their contribution!

Cal Banyan

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