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Save 20% on Business Start Up Pack 2.0 – Learn How to Set Up Your Hypnosis Practice for Success

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Becoming a hypnotist or hypnotherapists is a great way to become financially independent, especially during these economic times. It starts with knowing how to set up your hypnotherapy practice for success.

At the Banyan Hypnosis Center, we've spent years developing a business system that is currently used at our hypnosis center. We've created a hypnosis training video called Business Start Up Pack 2.0 that explains step-by-step of how to set up and run your hypnosis practice.

hypnosis trainer cal banyan on setting up a hypnosis practicehypnotist maureen banyan on setting up a hypnosis practice

In this hypnosis training video, you will learn the following:

  • How to book appointments

  • How to schedule appointments

  • How to prevent no-shows

  • How to create multiple income streams

  • How to create website essentials that make your phone ring

In addition, you will receive all the business forms you will need to set up your hypnosis practice.

Save 20% Off Busienss Start Up Pack 2.0 – This Week Only

Business Start Up Pack 2.0 Hypnosis Training Video DVDFor this week only, save 20% on our popular hypnosis training video, Business Start Up Pack 2.0. This complete package includes a step-by-step video tutorial and all the business forms you will need to set up your hypnosis practice for success. To learn more about how you can save 20%, click here.

Here's what others are saying about the Business Start Up Pack2.0:

"The Business Start-Up Package is the best business training to learn the business end of being a hypnotist. It shifted everything for my hypnosis practice. It gave me the confidence to ask for money for what I do & I started booking appointments! Now I even started getting referrals from doctors and other professionals. If you don’t buy this, you are crazy! It should cost more. Really!."
Celeste Hackett, CH, CPHI
Dallas, TX

"Hi Guys, I recently purchased a copy of your ‘Business Start Up Pack’ to get a new angle to rejuvenate my ‘flagging’ hypno practice here in the UK. I had recently been ‘over-suffering’ no shows and what I perceive to be a low commitment rates from enquiries. I devoured your info. avidly and made the changes to emulate what you do… INSTANTLY! Having changed my approach, stationary and working practice I found instant results in that in the first week my cash flow increased by $1100… and we ain't done yet! Thank you folks for that ‘Kick up the butt’ I needed, your material is worth its weight in gold. Needless to say I have now placed a further order for the ‘Turn your Hypnosis Practice into a Gold Mine’ Thank you once again.."
Michael Skirving, DHyp, MIAPH
United Kingdom

Click here to learn more or to get your business building program and save big.

2 Reader Comments to Save 20% on Business Start Up Pack 2.0 – Learn How to Set Up Your Hypnosis Practice for Success

  1. Andre McCluskey, MA, CH October 10, 2012 at 5:22 PM

    Like the podcast on questions that come up during and about inductions. One thing that happened to me recently that I am not sure how to handle – I had a client I was working with for pain managment that I could tell had a long history of surpressing emiotional pain. About the time I would get the client beginning to relax, they would come out because they suddenly hurt someplace, someplace they had not had any discomfort until they got partially under, still having trouble gettng them down.

  2. Cal Banyan, MA, BCH, CI, DNGH October 10, 2012 at 6:35 PM

    Hello Andre – Thanks for leaving a comment and asking a question. Thanks for you positive input on our podcast!

    In my opinion, we need to stop using words like “under” and “down”. These words and concepts are not productive and can cause problems if that is the expectation of the hypnotist or the client. I like to say things like “go into hypnosis” instead.

    For this client I would bypass doing the relaxation type induction, at least until I have removed this problem with going into hypnosis via a relaxation induction. Obviously something like the Eight Word Induction (which has relies on the startle response to induce hypnosis) would not be the way to go either.

    Do a search for Time Tunneling Technique on Google, Bing or Yahoo and you will come up with videos and articles that I have produced on this technique of mine. It works really great in situations where using relaxation or the startle response does not work. When using the TTT induction you do not need relaxation at all. You use emotion to trigger the age regression work that is required to help the client work through these issues.

    I hope that helps you out.

    Here’s to YOUR success,

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