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Free Hypnosis Audios for You & the Hypno-Curious ( + A Great Affiliate Program)

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NEWS FLASH! I’ve been receiving a very interesting series of emails about the "World Hypnosis Summit" and I was on the phone with Elsom Eldridge, Jr. yesterday and he told me the inside scoop on this thing. He’s not directly connected to the program but has all the inside info on it.

(In case you don’t know who Elsom is, he is THE guy that organizes and promotes the National Guild of Hypnotists convention, and he is a trusted friend of mine as well.)

Hypnosis World Summit

Anyway, we were talking and it looks like this is going to be BIG, and you can benefit in two ways!

  1. You can listen in on about 20 free hypnosis audio programs live as they are made available to those who sign up to get them FOR FREE. NOTE: These are not hypnosis certification type audios, but rather hypnosis audios for everyone. This means your friends and family will enjoy them. That is really cool! You’ll see when you click the link below.

  2. There is an affiliate program. That means you can help people and make some money as well. 🙂 Now isn’t that they kind of deal you would like to get in on? Here’s how you learn more…

Here is my affiliate link,

Click on it and you will be taken to the main site and be offered a way to, both sign up for the free audios when they are produced in May, and a way to become an affiliate (so you can help others and make some money as well).

After checking it out, I decided that this is a great thing. I hope you will check it out.

Let’s do GREAT things together,

PS This Hypnosis World Summit is being put together by Tom Nicoli, the same guy that put together the World Hypnotism Day program, so you know it is going to be good.

One Reader Comment to Free Hypnosis Audios for You & the Hypno-Curious ( + A Great Affiliate Program)

  1. Cal Banyan April 22, 2010 at 5:20 PM

    The more I look at the Hypnosis World Summit the more obvious it is to me that it is an extreme value it is.

    Go to to get all the details.

    This is not only a hypnosis event you will want to tell everyone about, it is also a very simple affiliate program to get involved in.

    If you have never been in an affiliate program then this would be a great one to get started with.

    And, if you have you will see the value in it when you get the information from the site.

    Sign up now, it’s all free.

    ***Here is a list of the topics and presenters!***

    How to Lose Unhealthy “Cravings” and Poor Food Choices to Lose Weight and Feel Great! Tom Nicoli

    Supercharging the Law of Attraction with Self-Hypnosis Dick Sutphen

    How You Can use the Power & Influence of Color to Improve Relationships, Attitude and Health Catherine Poole

    4 Specific Techniques to Remove Any Fears That Have Stalled Your Life Cindy Locher

    Easy-to-Use Steps to Attract Abundance Into Your Life Debi Livingston-Boushe

    Yes It’s Conceivable – Hypnosis for Fertility Lynsi Eastburn

    How to Know For Sure if You Were Really Hypnotized … or Not Rev. William Mitchell

    Understand the Importance of Forgiveness & Healing the Inner Child Georgina Cannon

    How to Study More Effectively & Retain What You Learn Martin Kiely

    How to Access Your “Wise Mind” & What You Can Learn From It Marilyn Gordon

    How to Replace Self-Doubt with Self-Confidence John Graden

    The 6 Easy Ways for De-Cluttering Your Life Using Self-Hypnosis Beverly Taylor

    How to Immediately Take Back Control of Your Life Shaun Brookhouse

    How to Make Easy Changes that Quickly End Unwanted Habits Michelle Matteson

    Why You Should Meditate Like A Himalayan Master for 3 Minutes Every Day Paul Scheele

    How Olympic Athletes Use Self-Hypnosis to Achieve Winning Results Dr. Bob Reese

    How “Ultra Height” Technology Delivers Astonishing Personal Change Jerry Kein

    A Simple & Easy Self-Hypnosis Technique for Self-Improvement Dr. Brian Alman

    How to Improve the Power of Your Mind & Reverse All Negative Thoughts Dr. Tim Brunson

    How to Program Your Mind for Success & Happiness Jim Katsoulis

    Breaking the Controlling Chains of Addictions Dr. Wil Horton

    Discover Soul Key Therapy: A Direct Key to Your Soul Knowledge Martin Hulbaek Petersen

    Using Self-Hypnosis for Pain Management M. Ron Eslinger

    Self-Hypnosis to Create Wealth – A Proven Revolutionary System Ted Ciuba

    Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking Susy Hall

    How to Paint “Pictures in Your Mind” to Better Express Yourself Tonny Christensen

    Well, it’s pretty obvious (a no brainer), it all free so check it out and sign up at


    *** PS: Yes, I know that some of you very smart types are thinking, “Well if it is free how does the affiliate program work?” It is all explained on the site. Just go there and sign up as an affiliate and it is all explained there. I liked what I saw, I think you will to.

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