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Save 20% on the Hypnosis for Pain Management DVD Course

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Pain Management Hypnosis Training DVDSave $79.99 on the complete two-day hypnosis training course recorded at the Banyan Hypnosis Center is contained on 8 DVD’s, plus there is also a CD with the hypnotic music that Ron Eslinger uses for his pain management sessions, and the entire course manual is on another CD. Get the Pain Management DVD Set Here!


  • Eight DVD’s containing the entire course.

  • Hypnotic Music CD

  • The Complete PowerPoint HypnoAnesthesia for Pain Management presentation on CD

  • Contained in two large volumes.

This is the first seminar that teaches the four non-pharmacological pain control methods and their relationship to hypnosis.

Demonstrations and antidotal case studies will be reviewed and will include; method of hypnotic induction, formulating hypnotic suggestions for decreasing or removal of symptoms, and metaphorical guidelines with goal setting and treatment planning. Hypnosis as a coping skill in dealing with secondary gain will also be included.

Add to your hypnosis skills and techniques with this hypnosis training DVD set. The HypnoAnesthesia for Pain Management DVD set by Ron Eslinger is on sale this week only so hurry up and get it here!

4 Reader Comments to Save 20% on the Hypnosis for Pain Management DVD Course

  1. bruce quinby September 18, 2009 at 10:44 PM

    Sometimes I have problems getting people to fully ‘revivify’ when doing age regression. What I’m wondering is if there are any techniques that could help clients ‘get into’ their regression expereriences more successfully. I do the covert test for somnabulism, and I also build up the emotion for the affect bridge, but sometimes we just fail to evolk a strong image… Then the client might say something like “I’m not getting anything…” or worse: “I can’t remember anything.” Is there any way to recover from this seeming dead end? Perhaps there is a way to ‘warm-up’ somebody’s ability to revivify?


  2. Nadia September 21, 2009 at 6:02 AM

    I know this is not the right place to write this, but i’m trying to join Our hypno space, and I can’t join or even e-mail them for help because the numbers/letters that you have to put in won’t show up. I have refreshed the page many times but it still won’t show up. Since these sites are related, can anybody please help me? Thank you.

  3. Cal Banyan, MA, BCH, CI, FNGH September 21, 2009 at 11:48 AM

    Hi Bruce,

    Your question is a complex one because there are so many things that need to be done right before you get to the age regression part of the session. I recommend that you have a look at our 10 Keys Series to make sure you are doing what you need to do up to that point and even during the actual AR part of the session.

    You can find links to the series on the left side of the page where it says, “Short Cut to Popular Hypnosis Training Videos.”

    Let me see if I can give you something useful right now…
    When they say something like “I’m not getting anything…” I will say things like this… I know, just go with your first impression. Is it day time or night time? Are you indoors or outdoors? Are you alone or with someone? Let them know that if they follow your instructions then it will become more clear.

    If they say something like, “I can’t remember anything”, then I’ll says something like what I put above, or I can have them open their eyes while still in hypnosis and have a conversation with them. I will explain to them that we are going to work with first impression, and that I know how to work with them if they will just give them to me. I also will explain that we are not working with memories, that we want them to go back and experience it as if it were happening all over again.

    I think that if you review the 10 Keys series you will get more than I can give you in the comment section. Of course there is also our complete DVD series on 5-PATH as well. Here is a link, As I write this we are having a huge sale on the package.

    Here’s to your success,

  4. Cal Banyan, MA, BCH, CI, FNGH September 21, 2009 at 11:52 AM

    Hello Nadia – I’m sorry to hear that you are having trouble becoming a member of We really want to have you in our community of hypnosis professionals. 🙂

    I recommend that you email Taylor@hypnosis.ORG with your problem and he will get you signed up with no problems. You can also call our office and ask to talk with Taylor. He is our IT team leader and helping people use that website is part of his job so he will be very happy to help you. Our telephone numbers are 714-258-8380 & 800-965-3390.

    I hope to see you on soon!

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