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Group for the Racial and Ethnic Expansion of the Profession of Hypnotism

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Hypnosis Outreach GroupHave you ever thought that there is an imbalance in our profession with more people in it being Caucasian? I have.

A while back I wrote a blog entry about my view on this. May I suggest that you read it?

Our Profession Should Reach Out to Non-Whites

Do you agree or disagree?

If you believe that there is an imbalance and if you would like to see things change, you can take a small step by getting involved in the discussion. Hopefully we will come up with some ideas which will help to bring more people into our profession, and in the process lift the profession as a whole.

Whether you agree with this perception or racial and ethnic imbalance or not, can you agree that it would be good for the profession if we actively promoted it worldwide, to all races, ethnic backgrounds and religions open to hypnotism? Let’s talk about it.

Visit our new Professional Outreach Group! Let the group members know what you think.

One Reader Comment to Group for the Racial and Ethnic Expansion of the Profession of Hypnotism

  1. george wells May 16, 2009 at 12:27 PM

    I wanted to respond to whether there should be an outreach to non-whites.

    From a practical point of view, the people you serve are those who would be the best prospects for interesting in the profession.

    So, opening more offices in the inner cities (watching an episode of gangland and viewing some of the inner city housing projects show a great need to be filled) or in areas of non-white dominant ethnic communities would be prime area for reaching out.

    For a long time the federal gov’t has subsidized non-white small business development. Perhaps the NGH could help subsidize inner city hypnosis development by increasing membership fees by $500-1000 a year and then offering some sort of program for dispersing the extra funds.

    Additionally, those who provide hypnosis training could drastically reduce their fees by 75-80 % to non-whites or those who intend on opening offices in inner cities or other ethnic communities.

    I believe these are very practical suggestions to get the results you are seeking.

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