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Monthly Archives: November 2008

Hypnosis Podcast #95: How We Produce the Hypnosis, Etc. Program

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How We Produce the Hypnosis, Etc. Program Welcome to my hypnosis blog! Here we go again with another entertaining and informative video training hypnosis podcast. We start off with Celeste being is so excited about how she has helped her … Continue reading

“Using Hypnosis to Treat Nausea in Cancer Patients Receiving Chemotherapy”

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(NaturalNews) The Journal of Oncology discussed a study on chemotherapy patients who experienced nausea and vomiting and the effects of hypnotherapy as an adjunctive treatment. The results were positive and showed that Hypnotherapy had a positive effect on patients suffering … Continue reading

Second cesarean with hypno-anesthesia in Iran

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For the second time in the country, Iranian doctors have used hypnosis as the sole anesthetic to deliver a baby via cesarean section. Dr. Roya Khodaei Ob/Gyn, performed the C-section at Paiambaran hospital in Tehran. Dr. Hossein Almasian was the … Continue reading