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Monthly Archives: August 2007

Hypnotist Crashes Bike, and Rides on to Weight Loss Success!

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Here is a new photo of me after a bike ride this morning. If you look at my right knee you will see that I had a bit of a crash! No problem, a little scrape, nothing serious, and I … Continue reading

Roy Hunter, Respected Hypnotherapist, Writer and Trainer: Free Video Training Right Here, Right Now

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Roy Hunter is certainly one of the most respected names in the profession of hypnotism. He has built that solid reputation through his years of service to the profession, as well as his many books, articles, and live training programs. … Continue reading

Get Announcements and Podcasts Delivered into Your Inbox Automatically

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Did you know that you don’t have to miss a single podcast, news article, opinion piece or weekly special announced on All you have to do is subscribe and they come to you automatically.  You can use the sign-up … Continue reading