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Save 10% This Week On Spirit Releasement For The Professional CD Set

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I’m very excited to make this announcement. I recently conducted two workshops at our center on the topic of sprit releasement therapy. The workshop was about 3 and 4 hours long and has now been produced on a set of 4 CDs with all of the handouts from class. I have always been reluctant to talk on this important but very controversial topic. Despite that, I generally talk about Spirit Releasement Therapy to my classes that are of 6 days or longer. But in those courses I always kept the talk short, usually not much more than an hour to an hour and a half, or so. On this set of CDs I really get into the subject, and go deeper into it than ever before.

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Topics Covered:

  • Working with spontaneous past life regression,

  • Finding attached entities and dark force entities

  • Removing attachments and entities

  • Sit in on a recording of a session where Mr. Banyan clears a Dark Force Entity

  • How to do a special kind of informed child work, where the informing is not done by the “adult” but rather his soul who has just gone through the panning stages for his life.

On this program I am able to get much further into the topic than I ever have before in any class. Combine that with the fact that this program contains the audio from a hypnosis session where a spirit releasement takes place makes this the complete set that you have been asking for.

Professional Development that Helps You Succeed when Others Fail

This audio program takes a very professional look at this very spiritual topic. Spirit Releasement Therapy is a topic that every hypnotherapist should educate him or herself about. If you are regularly seeing clients and using powerful techniques such as hypnotic age regression therapy or parts therapy, it is our experience, it is only a matter of time before you run into this situation.

The process of Spirit Releasement Therapy is a therapeutic process in which you release either attached spirits or dark force entities (DFEs) from your clients. Sometimes when other, more classical or conservative therapies fail, it is because the cause is not within your client, but rather is being caused by these spiritual entities. Attached spirits are the souls of individuals who for one reason or another did not have the proper ascension experience which takes them from this world to the next. The term DFE is a clinicalized way of talking about what the great religions have called demons or devils.

Add this program to your professional development and you pick up tools that will help you to succeed when others have failed.

2 Reader Comments to Save 10% This Week On Spirit Releasement For The Professional CD Set

  1. ilona maj May 4, 2009 at 3:05 PM

    i was wondering if anyone can help
    here is my story..
    well…. it all stared off with me loosing time …lets just
    say that the time did not seem to move at all….. than i had
    feelings of wanting to ahve sex with everybody …kissed few
    people and than stared to drive home … while driving home i
    had thoughts of robbiing houses than as i kept drivign and
    going out of control …passign thru red light carelessly …..
    something told me to go home ….i did just that ….. as i was
    going home i had thoughs of killing my self and my mom …..
    i looked at my mom and told her i was goign to kill her or my
    slef this feeling in me kept getting stronger and stronger…
    my eyes changed too..
    my mom looked at me and asked me what i wanted to do
    she asked me if i wanted to go t the hospital
    ( she couldent belive what i was saying)and of course becouse i
    was so scared that i was gonna actually do it
    i told her yes .
    at this point i was getting so weak almost like loosing
    consciousness … i was getting drained of energy.
    i was falling my mom had to hold me …becouse i was getting so
    so i got put in to the psychiotric department for a month
    this happend in feb 28 .
    i just got out of the hospital in april 1st

    but these feelings keep coming back to me …
    like 4 exampale i was with my friend sand something told me to
    kill him …….
    although when i have them now i am in control and know not to
    act out on them .

    when these feeling happen it dosent feel like me.
    its like these negetive energies …???? or something ?

    pls help
    and thank you

  2. Cal Banyan, MA, BCH, CI, FNGH May 4, 2009 at 3:29 PM

    Hello Ilona,

    Thanks for leaving a comment.

    First off, this must be a very scary thing for you to be going through. It is important that you get back in contact with your mental health professional. This way you can immediately get the kind of support that you need right now in this difficult time.

    Then if you like, you can contact our office, and we can see if we can get you in contact with someone who is trained and experience in the Informing Soul Technique (IST) and other relevant techniques such as 5-PATH(R). This way you can get the greatest amount of attention for your problem right away.

    Very best wishes,

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