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Science is Catching up with 5-PATHers and The Secret Language of Feelings

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Hi Everyone,

Maureen and I arrived at the hotel for the convention last night. Today we are getting ready for class tomorrow. I look forward to seeing all those who could make it to class tomorrow. I ran across this article in the newspaper and just had to pass it along.

brain1.jpgEmpirical research moves slowly, and it seems to be catching up with what 5-PATH® Hypnotherapists and readers of The Secret Language of Feelings already know. Emotions are an integral part of making decisions.

“Should I smoke?” “Should I have that second serving?” The answers to these questions don’t just spring from pure logic or even habit patterns alone, but are strongly motivated by emotions. This is why advanced hypnotherapists like the 5-PATHers and those who study my book, The Secret Language of Feels always strive to work with emotions whenever looking at any situation. 5-PATH® Hypnotherapists work directly with the emotions that drive behavior, neutralizing emotions from the past that are causing harmful choices today.

I invite you all to read this article, Study: Emotion rules the brain’s decisions in USA Today to read about the research.

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2 Reader Comments to Science is Catching up with 5-PATHers and The Secret Language of Feelings

  1. George Guarino CH August 9, 2006 at 2:26 PM

    Thanks for bringing this article to our attention. It is exciting to witness scientific methods explore well thought out theories and hypothesis’s that have been used and known to work, but until now, not scientifically confirmed.

    It spoke to me most clearly about phrasing to elicit an outcome. Sending out what you want to receive; intent, expectation, expected response.

    As Cal says, science is beginning to catch on and catch up. Thanks for sharing Cal

  2. Pete August 13, 2006 at 3:42 PM

    I recently attended the NGH Convention. My background is in law, specifically negotiation and mediation. While I am not a hypnotist, I have a very large interest in a lot of the work done by hypnotists and mental health professionals since human communication processes are central to both their work and my own.

    While at the convention bookstore I came across the book “The Secret Language of Feelings.” I didn’t have the time available to fully check-out the book, but the topic seemed very interesting. I was wondering if someone would kindly give me a little more information on this? And, if my intuition is correct, some of you may be interested in some of the material I can recommend on the connection between feelings and decision-making in negotiation.


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